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Member Profile

Our first members profile is that of our Ladies Club Champion for 2019. We will work through the list of Club Champions and Runners-up in the coming weeks. We will then start with the weekly winners till we have featured all our members!

Know your Birdies from your Eagles

African Spoonbill (Lepelaar)


Our first bird that made the list of birds on Paarl Golf Club is the African Spoonbill.

The African Spoonbill is a long-legged wading bird. Its height is 90 cm. Its body is predominantly white, except for its red legs, face, and bill. Its wings are 365-403 mm long. This bird can be easily identified by its uniquely spoon-shaped bill. At birth, the African Spoonbill’s bill does not resemble a spoon. It is born with a short beak, that gradually develops into its spoon-like shape. It usually resembles a spoon right before it is time to leave its nest. Both the male and female birds are similar in appearance.


The African Spoonbill’s diet consists mainly of fish and aquatic invertebrates such as crustaceans or shellfishes, insects, larvae, and mollusks.


The African Spoonbill is usually a shy and alert bird. It is usually found singly, but can also be encountered in pairs or in groups. It is usually silent, except for an occasional grunt when alarmed. This bird travels by flight. The African Spoonbill feeds by fishing in shallow water. It fishes for its food by swinging its open bill from side to side in the water. Its bill acts as a scythe (hooked tool) to catch its food.


The African Spoonbill usually resides by shallow inland waters. This bird’s habitat includes riverbanks, lake shores, marshes, plains, savannas, swamps, and water-meadows.

Where to look for them

On the 27th fairway, Friday 28 June 2019!

Photo courtesy: Alida Kotzee.
Please send us your photographs of birds that you find on the course.


Knockout Competition Rules

1. Each match will be played over 18 holes or until a match is won. If extra holes are required, the match shall continue in the order played over the first 18 holes until a hole and the match is won. (I.e. If you start on the 10th hole you must play the 10th as your 1st extra hole.)
2. Each hole is played for and is won by the side that holes their ball in the fewest (net) strokes or most stableford point (depending on the day’s competition format). A hole is halved if each side holes out in the same number of strokes (net) each or stableford points.
3. The match is won by the side which is leading by a number of holes greater than the number of holes remaining to be played.
4. Each match MUST be played by the closing date for that round no extensions given. Both competitors should try to contact one another but the responsibility is on the first person in the draw to arrange contact and organize the match.
5. The WINNER should enter the result on the noticeboard.

Pairs Match play

As above, plus:
1. One player from the pair may compete against the other pair if his partner is unavailable.
2. Strokes are given as per the scorecard.Note:
Singles Match Play –The lower handicapped player will go down to scratch and the higher handicapped player will adjust his/her handicap lower by the same amount to strokes.
Better Ball – The lower handicapped player will go down to scratch and the higher handicapped players will adjust their handicaps lower by the same amount to strokes.

The entry fee is R100 per entry. Please enter on the entry list on the noticeboards. Entry fees will be charged to your membership account. Payments are due before the first match is played. Not payment, no entry.

NB: The person whose name is at the top of the match drawn will be responsible for arranging the match. If the match is not completed by the due date, the match will be decided by the flip of a coin by a member of the Captain’s Committee and the player/s will still be liable for payment of their entry fee.


Members Booking Portal

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Something special from a Member

A taste of Scottish Links

Inspired by Tom Coyne’s Book “A Course called Scotland”, 4 of us, Cobus Thesnaar, Dick Knight, Wynand Deyzel (Devon Valley) and myself, embarked on a tour of a few lesser known courses in Angus, Aberdeenshire and Moray in the North-Eastern part of Scotland. The initial plan was to play 11 courses in 9 days, but being Scotland, we were met with some rain and unplayable conditions. We had to settle for walking 8 courses in the 9 days.

We started off in St Andrews just to get everyone acquainted with the feel of links courses and how to handle Gorse(!!)

Click here for the rest of this great tale from Leon Serfontein.


Competition Results

06 June 2019
Wednesday Competition – Better Ball Stableford
(Players: 81)

Winelands Course

1st – 45 pts
Jannie van Breda & Hennie Hamer

2nd – 44pts
Bob Izzett & Andy Higgins

3rd – 44 pts
Donald Humphries & Frikkie vd Merwe

29 June 2019
Saturday Competition – Individual Stableford
Sponsored by Mercedes Benz
(Players: 148)

Old Course

1st Rassie Visser – 38
2nd Carel de Beer – 37
3rd Guillaume Brink – 37

Winelands Course

1st Granville Isaacs – 39
2nd Gideon Steenkamp – 35
3rd JP Hugo – 35

Boschenmeer Course

1st Gert Strydom – 41
2nd Hennie Hamer – 34
3rd Riaan Kritzinger – 33

Click here for a full summary of the results


Weather Information

For all the members that wanted to know how the current year’s rainfall compares to previous years. Here is a ten year window into the past rainfall figures in Paarl.

Making a difference

Paarl Golf Club and Ben Fouchee reaching out to golfers in Mbekweni

The Hope Through Action Foundation (HTAF) SA together with SCORE (a non-profit organisation) have been working together for many years to change lives through sport and education in the community of Mbekweni. KWV joined this initiative and with the help of Paarl GC & BF Golf Academy, a golf programme has been launched which aims to reach underprivileged young people at the Mbekweni Community Sport Centre (MCSC) in Paarl.The programme will require ongoing support and if you would like to make a contribution, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Ben Fouchee busy with kids from Mbekweni at the newly created golf practice nets