Many moons ago

Last week’s three were identified as: (FLTR) Johan Loubser, Obie Oberlander and Andy van Wyk. Thanks to Vernon Els who identified them for us.

MD note: I will try to do a members profile on Vernon who is (according to him) one of the oldest members of the club.

The photograph for this week from that treasure chest is the one below. I sincerely hope that I will receive some feedback on who the people on the photograph are. Please e-mail me at if you recognise any of the individuals on the photographs.
MD note: Just have a look at those prizes!

PGC Member Identification Disc

Paarl Golf Club members will from now on be easily identified through the PGC Member Indentification Disc that needs to be applied on the inside of your car’s windscreen at the right-hand side top. In that way Boschenmeer security personnel at the gate could identify the members clearly for quicker access to the club during peak gate periods. These discs are available for pick up from the registration desk. Please get one or two (if you sometimes use the missus’ car) and display that in the car to get members’ treatment at the security gate.

Thank you all for your cooperation to make the security access easier and quicker.

Member Profile

Know your birdies from your eagles

Common Fiscal (Fiskaallaksman)


This is a fairly distinctive 21–23-cm long passerine with white underparts and black upperparts extending from the top of the head down to the tail. The bird has a characteristic white “V” on the back and a relatively long black tail with white outer feathers and white tips on the other feathers. The bill, eyes and legs are black. Adult male and female common fiscals are quite similar except for the rufous lower flank of the female.

The calls are a jumbled mix of shrike-like swizzling sounds including some imitations and a harsh Dzzzttt-dzzzt-dzzzt alarm call. Most of those calls however are either threatening or alarm calls. The species sometimes produces a surprisingly sweet, quiet song, although such song, however sweet it sounds, generally is either territorial or pair-bonding in function.

Distribution and habitat

The southern fiscal lives in a wide range of habitats from grassland with fences for perching to acacia thornveld or even woodland, but avoids very dense habitats where its hunting would be impaired.


The southern fiscal is usually solitary and hunts insects and small rodents from an exposed perch or the tops of shrubs. Territorial size is directly related to the density of hunting perches. Installing more artificial perches causes the fiscal to reduce its territory size and allow more birds in the affected range.


Last week Paul Casey was nearly penalised during his second round of the Porsche European Open for a very bizarre reason.

On one of Casey’s holed putts, his ball rolled directly over a bug on the green while end route to the hole.  Check out the video here.

The Rules of Golf stipulate that if a ball in motion hits a person, animal or object on the putting green (when the ball was played from the putting green) the stroke must be replayed. A bug, in this instance, is considered an animal.

But Casey did not replay the shot, and he wasn’t notified of the potential breach until he was in the scoring area and an official showed him a video of what had transpired. However, as Casey did not know the bug was there, this takes into account a clarification.

The clarification says it is to be applied using the “known or virtual certain standard.” Therefore, if there is knowledge or conclusive evidence that the ball played from the putting green accidentally hit a person, animal or movable obstruction on the putting green, the stroke does not count.
But wasn’t the incident on video, you ask? We could all see the ball had hit the insect.

The answer to that may very well come down to Rule 20.2, which covers “Rulings on Issues Under the Rules”.

Section C, looking at “applying ‘naked eye’ standard when using video evidence” states that “If the facts shown on the video could not reasonably have been seen with the naked eye, that video evidence will be disregarded even if it indicates a breach of the rules”.

Casey would have needed the eyes of a hawk to have seen the bug on his line but have a look at the video and see how it all played out…

If you have any queries, please contact me at

Enjoy your golf and mind the bugs.

Mr R

Welcome to Golfing Goat!

Some of you might have already experienced the new revamped halfway house. Apart from being a very well run halfway house, local residents will also enjoy the convenience of the stock they hold. We congratulate Blijdskap with what they achieved in that space. They created a safe haven for our, yet to become very famous, Golfing Goat. The new name of the catering entity will be Golfing Goat and the history and heritage of this unique creature will be revealed in the next newsletter.

For now I urge all golfers, and also residents of Boschenmeer, to support this initiative and together make it the success we all would like it to be.  There will be a weekly “report” from the Golfing Goat himself on what is happening in his world here at his new Boschenmeer home.

Tunnel under construction

I thought it good to just inform the members that we need to trim the “tunnel” to allow for the bottom section to be growing again. Due to years of just trimming on top, only the canopy is growing and not the bottom hedge part. It is important from a golfing point of view that we establish the hedge effect to act as a buffer between golfers on the 10th tee and non-golfing passers-by. The trees will be allowed to form an overarching canopy but the hedge section will be trimmed back aggressively. Please understand that in the long run if will have a positive effect on that section of the Estate.

Also while we are talking garden maintenance, I can inform the members that we are busy finalising the Servest contract extension and in the process are drawing more definite lines between Servest area of maintenance and the BMHOA area of responsibility. By the time the BMHOA go out on tender for their new service provider, we will all have a clear map of who is responsible for what. I sincerely hope that we would finally succeed in getting rid of the grey areas between the two service providers.

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