End of Year Festive Season Greetings

And so 2020, a year full of interesting surprises, comes to an end. From Paarl Golf Club’s side, we would like to wish all our members a wonderful festive season with lots of memorable occasions but also some time to rest after this challenging year. To those who will be travelling, we wish you all a safe travelling experience and to those that will rather stay home and enjoy the calm period, make the most of it.

We have a very interesting festive season program here at the club so join in the fun and come and experience golf with a twist of mystery and enjoyment.

This will be the last bumper edition newsletter of this year and we will be back in our seats in the second week of January 2021.

Cleaning up the irrigation dam

Members might have noticed that there are strange machines operating on and around the irrigation dam. The main aim of the exercise is to desilt the dam as well as to try and deepen it to 3m while we are busy with the desilting.

This exercise was long overdue, as we struggled to keep the irrigation pumps drifting in the dam, and ensuring that they do not start sucking in mud and plant material. This created many other problems of which the biggest was the choking of the sprayers out on the golf course. So, in the process of overcoming the problem, the irrigation team had their hands full making sure the water gets to where it was intended to go.

The machines used in the project were both unique. The first machine was a land-bound excavator with a 17m reach. This machine could effectively work the southern side of the dam taking all the reeds and grass out but also deepening the dam within its reach.

There was no un-destructive way to get this machine to the northern section of the irrigation dam, so we had to arrange something very different. A floating excavator! This machine could climb into the dam and clean the rest of the northern section without any problems.

We also tried to stack the material on the side of the dam so as not to damage the entire course too much with heavy vehicles taking away the material. For that we created a process of separating the material between plant material and mud and sand. The mud and sand we will now work into the low-lying areas around the dam to create a higher freeboard and to get rid of the very wet areas during the rainy season. The plant material will be carted to the dump site at the driving range area during the December season, so we request that our members and the residents around the irrigation dam to please be patient with the process.

I had people questioning what effect this will have on the birdlife on and around the irrigation dam. We did wait for most of the water birds to hatch their babies before we started this project. We only did the irrigation dam as well as the dam on the right-hand side of the 11th green, we kept the area where most of the yellow billed ducks “reside” on the 21st hole as is – filled with reeds.

An added bonus to the cleaning up project was to see the bigger effect of the water area on both the 11th and the 21st holes. We also decided to create a new dam wall for the irrigation dam to prevent the water coming too close in front of the back of the tee boxes on the 11th hole. Although the element of water brought its own challenges, the openness of the hole will hopefully take away the fear of hitting over the water.

Watch this space!

See the machines at work.

  Your attention is needed

We are all trying to make golf at Paarl Golf club the most memorable experience possible. But it seems as if some members and visitors would like to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. With summer upon us and long days part of our day-to-day challenges we would like to point out a few annoying things that are busy creeping out again.

Slow play

Please keep up with the fourball ahead of you. Members will see that the marshals have been asked to be strict on this. We understand that a medal format is a slow format but last week we had rounds of close to over five hours. We had situations where fourballs were more than a full hole behind the group in front of them.

May we again promote ready play when it is safe to do so. We often see three golfers waiting for one golfer to go through his whole routine and when the shot is taken only then do the other golfers get ready to play.

After hours golf and practice on the course

With the days being longer and the sun only setting at around 20:00 we are now getting more and more golfers who start playing the course close to their houses and not going through registration. Please note that should you be caught doing this, a non-affiliated visitor’s fee of R740 could be charged to your name.

Please help us in preventing this from happening by not doing it and by reporting it to us when you do see somebody doing that. The last registered tee off time is 18:00. If you want to play on the course, please ensure you go through registration so that we know about you.

The same applies for times before the first tee off times. These times are critical for the maintenance teams to get the golf course prepared for you to play on in a safe and unrestricted manner. So please NO early starting as well.

Golf carts

Members as well as visitors please note that there are specific boards to direct you to the correct side of a green to pass for travelling with your golf cart. There is a good reason for this. Mainly the fact that we have prepared areas to be level and hardy against the golf cart’s wheels and tires, and secondly, the irrigation pipes run on the sides of the green which we don’t want golf carts to ride over.

Please help us manage the traffic around a green in a manner that benefits golfers. This can help the process of maintaining the pristine condition of the course. The best is to stay on the tarred golf carts where they are available.


It seems like one of the Covid side effects is the amount of people that started smoking after the harsh lockdown. I know that cigarettes are now “cheap” compared to the lockdown prices, but please, the non-smokers don’t want “reminders” on every tee box.

Please keep your cigarette buds to yourself and please do not flick them into the gardens or the rough. They remain a menace to the maintenance personnel.

At the clubhouse there are designated smoking areas, and we urge smokers to please use them. We have created a smoker’s nest above the halfway house BUT please do not flick your cigarette buds over the side. The halfway house tent already boasts three holes in it due to smokers not thinking about what they are doing.

At the halfway house, the smoker’s den is in the parking area of the golf carts. We have provided seating at the wooden tables for specifically this reason.

The law prohibits smoking in an enclosed area as well as an area with a roof/cover over it. Unfortunately, we as Paarl Golf Club need to adhere to this legislation otherwise an inspection finding the contrary could end up in a close down of the entire clubhouse complex. I sincerely hope that the seriousness of this is understood by everybody.

Opening of the new clubhouse restaurant and bar

And then the 4th of December 2020 came with the long-anticipated opening of the upgraded bar, bistro, and veranda project. Members would remember that I reported two weeks ago that we were still on track for the opening on the 4th.

It was a hectic two weeks, but the result speaks for itself. A big congratulations must go out to the Golfing Goat project team that took over the shell we handed to them on the 16th of November. Opening night saw a lot of eager members and residents pitching up for the official opening of the Paarl Golf Club clubhouse renovation project.

With a lovely sunset as only Paarl Golf Club can provide the festivities started with fresh oysters and freshly baked spring rolls as starters. The idea was not so much to eat a lot but to try out some of the future menu items. The main course consisted of a portion of perfectly prepared pork belly and a mouth-watering piece of fillet with all the little sides that made it a perfect meal.

There were also two desserts in the form of a deconstructed milk tart and a home-grown yoghurt. When Le Roux Conradie, manager of the Golfing Goat at Boschenmeer, introduced the chef and her team at the end of the evening, everybody was surprised by their youth and the quality of food they dished up. I see a bright future ahead for the Golfing Goat and their newly appointed chef and chef assistants. But just don’t sit there and drool, come and put their skills to the test with your own tastebuds.

We look forward in welcoming all our members, their families, and the residents of Boschenmeer to make the Golfing Goat restaurant at Paarl Golf Club one of their regular culinary stops.

   The Winelands venue hosting “Die Broers”

For those of you who haven’t as yet experienced one of our top South African musicians at the Winelands venue please do not stay left out. We started with a very packed programme in November and we obviously must taper down towards the end of the year. The last performer will be Jannie du Toit tonight.

Last week it was “Die Broers” making feet itch in the Winelands venue. It was good to see people singing along and just forgetting about Covid and the year 2020. Please be on the lookout for the programme in the new year.

Feel the vibe with these two short video clips.


Annelize Lucas Physiotherapy

Coming soon
11 January 2021

Next Club Draw – 11 December 2020

Please note that the December Club Draw will take place on Friday the 11th of December 2020. It will coincide with the Putt for Dough initiative that will take place that afternoon before the draw.

Entries are still open and the 3rd Draw will take place on Friday 11 December 2020.

We have 83 entries!

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In conversation with

This week we get to know one of our new members, Nicholas Hall, our B-division Club Champion for 2020. We hope that you  enjoy your golf here at PGC and that you keep on playing the golf that made you play a 72 gross. We all dream about “that” round.

If you would like to be part of our wonderful PGC community, let us know so that we can get to know you a bit more. How will anyone know what exotic drink to buy you otherwise?

 Mr. Rules

Slow play

I have addressed this problem before, but it still seems to be a problem and that players do not play ready golf anymore. Let me share with you what the rule book says on pace of play and give you some ideas on how we can improve on this.

Know your rules >

If you have any questions, please contact me at paarlmrrules@gmail.com

Keep rolling in those birdies and enjoy your golf.

Mr R

Playing golf at PGC during Level 1 lockdown

I know this might be boring by now but please realise that we are still under Level 1 lockdown rules, which have not changed since their inception.

Thanks to those members (and visitors) who makes our work easier by adhering to the regulations and rules. We appreciate your continues support and help. To the few that always need to push the boundaries please realise that your actions might cause the club to close, and many other golf courses for that matter. It is not that difficult…

Many moons ago

This is the first time this has ever happened. Three weeks running with no takers on identifying any of the people in the photo. Last chance members.
Here is the photograph from this week’s treasure chest. I had no takers last week so I’ll run this one for another week. Please e-mail me at manager@paarlgc.co.za
if you recognise anyone.

Know your birdies from your eagles

Cape Eagle Owl (Kaapse ooruil)
If you have a favourite bird or would like to know more about a particular species flying around PGC, please let us know so that we can do some research and showcase it in next week’s Gazette.

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