Enjoy your golf

By now I hope all our members had their first “post-lockdown” round of golf. Judging by the different reactions seen on the faces of those finishing their rounds, it was as much a surprise to them as it was to me hitting those first few balls into “open space”. Gone was the safety of the practice net and you were yet again left alone on the golf course with your own problems and thoughts. Amazing how your mind can play tricks with you in programming you to that near perfect round you are capable of based on hours and hours of hitting balls into a net. Nowhere is something so far from the truth than to think you can take that net swing and thoughts onto the golf course without any consequences. Luckily, we had the course (and specifically the rough) to blame for most of the lost balls. I can assure our members nothing was intentional, but we will slowly but surely get back into the swing of things and give the rough the attention it so desperately needs.

From my side, just a big thanks yet again to all the members who effortlessly adapted to the rules and regulations that we have to abide by to ensure we can keep on playing. Believe me if I say that I do not take pleasure in reminding adults to maintain safe social distancing and safe interaction with other golfers. It takes some concentration not to fall into old habits of touching a partners’ golf kit or for that matter anything that will keep the covid gogga alive. We will get there eventually.

Thanks also to the very positive reaction I received from my divot reminder of last week. I was told that it was very difficult getting sand into a sandbag without the usual scoop available at the sand drum. Unfortunately, we can’t leave a scoop there for everybody to touch so please understand that we need your help to get the sand into the bag somehow in order to fill those divots. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

New membership category created to cater for the Millennials

At the board meeting of Tuesday, 23 June 2020, a new membership category was “temporarily approved” to allow the Paarl Golf Club to effectively cater for the sudden spike in membership needs for the category of people aged between 25 and 35 years of age. The final approval through ratification will be done by the members as soon as we can safely hold a special meeting, or failing that, at the next AGM. A big word of thanks from our side to the board and then eventually the members that gave us the go ahead to do this.

We have developed a process that identifies a possible member “surfing” on our website to be contacted and followed up by the club. Through this we discovered that a number of Millennials who, due to the current regulations, are not allowed to play if they are not members of a recognized golf club are looking for opportunities to become members of a club. Through the new Millennial membership category, we believe that we would be able to offer these “lost” golfers a safe haven but more so create a good base of younger members that each club need to secure their future. To us it seems like a win-win situation.

This membership will fit between the current junior membership and the full membership which was always a huge financial jump that resulted in losing juniors never taking up full membership. Junior membership that usually ended after the age of 28 will now cater for the youngsters just leaving school till the age of 24. The Millennial membership will then kick in from 25 to 35 years of age.
Membership (Excl affiliation fees)    2019-2020 Rate 2020-2021 Rate Voting and unlimited possible
Full (36 years and older) R 6 900 R 7 300 Yes
Millennial (25 – 35 years of age) July free R 3 765 Yes
Junior (18 – 24 years of age) R 3 080 R 3 265 Yes

Booking and paying a round

through the app and the website

A big word of thanks must also go out to our members who quickly adapted to the concept of booking their rounds electronically, as well as to pay for that booking through the available electronic portals. We are constantly investigating further alternatives to make payment of anything easy at the club or through smart phones or computers.

The latest concept that will hopefully be active by the weekend will be our own QR Code where members and visitors will be able to pay via their different bank’s Masterpasses, Snapscan or Zapper.

Be on the lookout for the square black and white QR Code that will be displayed where needed in the PGC offices.

Register for Spotlight Social and win a Wine of the Month

You might recall that I promised a bottle of wine of the month to the member who activated as the 180th member on Spotlight Social. That lucky member is Rohan Geldenhuys one of our new members (see his member profile in this issue of the newsletter). Welcome Rohan and congratulations. Sincerely hoping that you will enjoy all your years of golf here at Paarl Golf Club. July’s wine(s) of the month is Laborie and Antonij Rupert.

We are monitoring the registration process and will offer a of bottle of wine of the month to the 200th, 250th, 300th and from there onwards every next 100th member that register. So please get those fingers working and register. There might be a bottle of wine up for grabs.


185 members already!

New cancellation policy
How do you stand a chance to win a bottle of the wine?

The App needs to be loaded on to your smart phone or tablet. All you need to do is follow the instructions below:

1. Please click here or search for Spotlight Social in your App Store
2. You then download the app
3. You will be guided to create your profile using your [email address], as it is pre-linked to the Paarl Golf Club
4. Remember to insert your profile picture.

And that’s it – you are good to go!

Members survey – thank you all!

Thanks to all the members who completed the questionnaire. Please find herewith a summary of the survey results. 2020 members survey results.

In conversation with

A message to all our friends at the Golfing Goat

By creating a mini super market during the lockdown the Golfing Goat has provided the Boschenmeer homeowners a convenient, safe environment to purchase our needed items. This was a very proactive decision by Golfing Goat and their management staff, and my wife and I are very thankful for that decision. In a time of crises the media loves to promote negativity and not even talk about the good things that are still happening. This was a very positive move and you should be commended for the forward thinking and enterprising action.

Best wishes to all the friendly faces at the Golfing Goat and keep up the good work.

Two happy Healthy Boschenmeer Homeowners.

What you should remember when playing golf at PGC during level 3 lockdown

Click here for the rules regarding entering the Club.

Many moons ago

I did not receive any help on the three gentlemen below. I will therefore give it another week for our members to come through and help me out. Please email me at manager@paarlgc.co.za if you recognise the gentlemen in the photo.

Big thank you to Anne-Marie Eksteen who was the first member to identify the four people in the photograph below. It was confirmed yet again by Anville van Wyk.

FLTR: Dalene van Wyk (longstanding president of ladies section), her husband Sybrand van Wyk, Pietie van Aarde and his wife Suzette. Pietie can still be seen with the corner boys from time to time.

Know your birdies from your eagles

Bokmakierie (Bokmakierie)


The bokmakierie (Telophorus zeylonus) is a bushshrike. This species is endemic to southern Africa, mainly in South Africa and Namibia, with an isolated population in the mountains of eastern Zimbabwe and western Mozambique.

The adult bokmakierie is a 22–23 cm long bird with olive-green upperparts and a conspicuous bright yellow tip to the black tail. The head is grey with a yellow supercilium, and the strong bill has a hooked upper mandible. The underparts are bright yellow with a broad black collar between the throat and breast, which continues up the neck sides through the eye to the bill. The legs and feet are blue-grey. The sexes are similar, but juveniles are a dull grey-green below, and lack the black gorget.
The bokmakierie has a range of loud whistles and calls, often given in duet, but the most typical is the one that gives this species its name, bok-bok-mak-kik.

Behaviour, feeding and breeding

Unlike the true shrikes, which perch conspicuously in the open, the bokmakierie is shy and skulking. This bird has a typical shrike diet of insects, small lizards, snakes, small birds and frogs. It is preyed upon itself by snakes, mongooses, and large shrikes like the northern fiscal and southern boubou

It is a species of open habitats, including karoo scrub, fynbos and parks and gardens in urban areas. The bulky cup nest is constructed in a hedge, scrub or tree fork. The 2–6, usually three, red-brown or lilac-blotched greenish-blue eggs are incubated by both sexes for about 16 days to hatching, with another 18 days to fledging.

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