CMASA Club Of The Year Competition

The Club Management Association of Southern Africa (CMASA) invited all clubs in South Africa at the end of 2019 to enter into the Club of the Year competition. Paarl Golf Club entered through a big administrative effort from specifically Heidi Strydom, our Financial Manager.

Only thirteen clubs in South Africa made it through to the final assessment for the honour of becoming the Club of the Year.

We did not win Club Of The Year but received a plaque for distinction on the following categories:

• Benchmarking and Finance
• Education & Training
• Communication & Participation
• Members survey & Guest Experience

From Left to Right: Werner Bernhardt, Willem Pretorius, Heidi Strydom and Wynand Viljoen
Members should note that this is not just for Golf clubs but all sporting clubs in the country. It is also good to know that only two clubs from the Western Cape went through to the final assessment. We congratulate our “neighbour” Stellenbosch Golf Club for also making that last hurdle. The winning club was Umhlali Country Club in Natal. Thanks to all our members who responded so well through the members survey and my personnel for keeping the standard of Club Management at this high level in Paarl.

Many moons ago

Thank you so much for the email received to identifying the gentleman in the photo. His name is Johan Redelinghuys. Thank you, Jan Hanekom for the identification of the gentlemen in the photo.

Errata! Sorry for the wrong identification of Piet van der Merwe in the photo below as Hennie Liebenberg. We sincerely apologise for this error and hope that we will be able to avoid something like that in the future
Piet van der Merwe on the right
I sincerely hope that I would receive some feedback on who the gentleman on the photograph is. Please e-mail me at if you recognise the gentlemen on the photo.

BMW Golf Cup International 2019 National Final

Well done to our own Jannie van Breda for winning the BMW Golf Cup South African Finals at Sun City. He will now represent South Africa at the World Finals to be held at Fancourt later this year. We wish him all the best and may you bring the title home!
Jannie at the prizegiving ceremony with his winning smile
Poetry in motion!

In conversation with our Members

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There seem to be confusion around playing a provisional ball. Rule 18.3 is applicable.

If a ball might be lost outside a penalty area or be out of bounds to save time the player may play another ball provisionally, under penalty of stroke and distance.

Announcing Play of Provincial Ball

Before the stroke is made, the player must announce that he or she is going to play a provisional ball:

It is not enough for the player only to say that he or she is playing another ball or is playing again.

The player must use the word “provisional” or otherwise clearly indicate that he or she is playing the ball provisionally.

If we have a look in the official interpretations of the rules, the rule states that the announcement should be clear so that everybody can hear the announcement.

Examples of announcements that clearly indicate that the player is playing a provisional ball include:

“I’m playing a ball under Rule 18.3”
“I’m going to play another just incase”

Examples of announcements that do not clearly indicate the player is playing a provisional ball, it means that a player would be putting a ball into play under stroke and distance include:

“I’m going to re-load”
“I’m going to play another”

Playing provisional ball until it becomes the ball in play or is abandoned.

Playing Provisional Ball More Than Once

The player may continue to play the provisional ball without losing its status as a provisional ball so long as it is played from a spot that is the same distance or farther from the the hole than where the original ball is estimated to be. See diagram below.

When a provisional ball is played from spot nearer the hole than where the original ball is estimated to be the original ball is no longer in play (even if it is then found on the course before the end of the three-minute search time or is found nearer the hole than had been estimated) and is now a wrong ball that must not be played.

If the player plays a provisional ball into the same general location as the original ball and is unable to identify which ball is which:

If only one of the balls is found on the course, that ball is treated as the provisional ball which is now in play.

If both balls are found on the course, the player must choose one of the balls to be treated as the provisional ball which is now in play, and the other ball is treated as lost and must not be played.

Know your birdies from your eagles

Common Moorhen (Groot waterhoender)
The moorhen is a distinctive species, with dark plumage apart from the white undertail, yellow legs and a red frontal shield. The young are browner and lack the red shield. The frontal shield of the adult has a rounded top and fairly parallel sides; the tailward margin of the red unfeathered area is a smooth waving line.

This species will consume a wide variety of vegetable material and small aquatic creatures. They forage beside or in the water, sometimes walking on lily pads or upending in the water to feed. They are often secretive but can become tame in some areas. Despite loss of habitat in parts of its range, the common moorhen remains plentiful and widespread.

This is a common breeding bird in marsh environments, well-vegetated lakes and even in city parks and built up areas.

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