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May 2019


I am happy to report that the following was done during May 2019:


• Completion of the Clubhouse dam!


• Tenders for the new catering service provider closed on Friday 24 May 2019 and we will have an appointment finalised by end June 2019.


• Almost completed with the maintenance of the cart paths on the golf course and will finish off middle of June 2019. Extended this appointment to also repair the potholes in the car parking area.


• Will install code access to the ladies and gents’ cloakrooms during June 2019.


• Held a successful Club Championship and crowned our new Club Champion, Daniel Cronje, shooting 1-under par over 54 holes and our new Ladies Champion, Lumien Orten, shooting 4-over par over 36 holes.


Congratulations you two!


Looking forward to seeing you all on the course.

May the fore’s be with you!


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Rulesflash 2019


Hi everyone,


While playing last week my golf ball was lying very close to the hole on the putting green. One of my playing partners had a chip from the fringe. He requested me to leave the ball incase his chip ran past the hole and it could help him to stop his ball closer to the hole. I informed him that this would be a breach of the rules.


After the game we had an ongoing debate on the topic of backstopping.



What is backstopping?


Backstopping is when a golfer leaves a ball unmarked on the green, usually near the hole, while another player hits his shot — typically a chip or bunker shot — onto the green.


There have been various opinions about backstopping, with some players saying that they are not marking the ball so as not to interrupt the pace of play. Then there are players to call out backstopping as a form of cheating.


The latest incident was at the LPGA event in Thailand.


Ariya Jutanugarn pitched to within 12 cm of the hole on the 18th green. She then looked at Amy Olsen to see if it was OK to mark or tap in her putt. Jutanugran stopped, appeared to be waved off by Olsen. Amy then hit a low runner towards the hole. The ball was ready to run past the pin, but collided with Ariya’s ball and stopped within 25cm. Jutanugran was able to replace her ball and both players made birdie.The match officials saw no transgression of the laws and no one was penalised.


Click here to see the incident.


If one looks at the rule, some will believe they should have been penalised.


15.3a/1 – Breach of Rule for Leaving Helping Ball in Place Does Not Require Knowledge


In stroke play, under Rule 15.3a, if two or more players agree to leave a ball in place on the putting green to help any player, and the stroke is made with the helping ball left in place, each player who made the agreement gets two penalty strokes. A breach of Rule 15.3a does not depend on whether the players know that such an agreement is not allowed.


For example, in stroke play, before playing from just off the putting green, a player asks another player to leave his or her ball that is near the hole, in order to use it as a backstop. Without knowing this is not allowed, the other player agrees to leave his or her ball by the hole to help the other player. Once the stroke is made with the ball in place, both players get the penalty under Rule 15.3a.


The same outcome would apply if the player whose ball was near the hole offered to leave the ball in play to help the other player, and the other player accepted the offer and then played.


If the players know that they are not allowed to make such an agreement, but still do it, they are both disqualified under Rule 1.3b(1) for deliberately ignoring Rule 15.3a.


My advice to players: Mark your ball!


Please contact me with any queries at


Good golfing,
Mr R


Who’s been winning at the Club?


2019 Club Championship




Club Champion – Daniel Cronje – 215

B Div Champion – Anton Brits – 250

C Div Champion – Calvyn Orten – 55

Senior Div Champion – Jannie van Breda – 235

Super Senior Champion – Steph Lotz – 68




Club Champion – Lumien Orton – 148

B Div Champion – Alida Kotzee – 202

C Div Champion – Nicolene Mans – 59

Senior Champion – Maggie Minnie – 160


Click here for a full summary of results.


29 May 2019
4 BBB Medal


Paarl Old Course

1st. Rashid Shaik & Ganief Daniels – 62


Click here for a full summary of results.


Friday 31 May 2019


1st Gert Uys – 15 pts
2nd Phillip Lotter – 14 pts
3rd Eben Fourie – 12 pts


Rules for Sundowner competitions


Please be informed of the following requirements for scoring when playing in the Sundowner competition on Fridays:

1. Each player must complete and hand in their own scorecard. All 3 or 4 players cannot hand in one card for all the players.

2. Scorecards must be completed correctly. If not, the player will be disqualified and cannot win a prize.

3. The following details must be on the card:

3.1 Name and Surname of player and marker.
3.2 Handicap
3.3 Date
3.4 Competition – Sundowner
3.5 Score and Stableford points per hole
3.6 Totals added up
3.7 Signatures of player and marker


4. Players must make sure that they use the correct scorecard for the designated 9 holes on which they play the competition.


5. After the rounds players must put their scorecards in the Sundowner scorecard box. Only these scorecards will be eligible for winning prizes.


BF Golf Academy


2019 Refresher Course – Bunker play



8 June


This Saturday Coach Ben will be helping you to escape the sand trap in a more efficient manner and get you attacking those pins.



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