We’ll accompany you and three friends over a different style of 9 holes to find out how you can drop 4 or more shots off your scorecard quickly.

You’ll play 9 holes, but we’ll focus on 4 particular skills:

Your ability to hit fairways off the tee
Your score on Par 3s (and your ability to hit approach shots)
Your control of distance and accuracy in the 90 to 40-metre range;
Your mastery of greenside shots

At the end of the round you’ll receive a 30-minute session highlighting the ways that each of you can take 4 shots off your scorecard.

And we’ll agree a DAY AND TIME that works for you and three friends to find out what you have to do to
drop 4 shots off your handicap.

Get your children into golf

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor activity for your kids, golf is a really good option.Our SNAG programme teaches your kids the fundamentals of the game, as well as social skills. On top of that they get to have fun in a safe, outdoor environment under adult supervision.

We are hosting an open day at the club on Tuesday 4th February for everyone! Bring your kids and come see for yourself what your children will learn.

Contact Hannarie on 082 990 7161 for more information.

Parents are welcome to contact Hannarie on 082 990 7161 for more info