A wonderful journey with the development

Through working together with the Hope Through Action Foundation (changing lives through sport and education) and SCORE (a non-profit organisation that specialises in changing lives through sport and recreation)  started a golf development program at the Mbekweni Sport Community Centre, a partnership was formed through PGC and BF Golf Academy with KWV as the sponsor and the process started at the centre this year during June.

Many enthusiastic children were introduced. A selection process was followed and the coaching started.  Ben Fouchee did the initial basic coaching at the centre in Mbekweni and as the children became more interested, they were taken to Boschenmeer for their first encounter with a golf course.
Siya – the assistant for golf at the centre & Alwaba – programme coordinator at the centre accompanied the children. Marshalls from PGC also assisted in showing the kids around. After this initial introduction to the golf course, club and facilities the coaching was moved to the driving range and the short game area close to the clubhouse.
Liezl Klotz, a fully qualified PGA coach with lots of experience and enthusiasm was also pulled in to assist Ben with coaching the group of children. Liezl enjoys working with the children and is looking forward to the new season next year.
This year’s program ended with taking the children out to play on the golf course.  Again the children were so eager and overwhelmed by this wonderful opportunity.

Here is what a few of them had to say:

“Thank you for taking us this was a very good experience and it was nice when the coach told me I have a good swing” – Thokoza Spogter (female:12 years) grade 7 leaner at Mary Help of Christians Primary School.

“I did not know that I can hit a ball that far coz we usually hit at the net so we can’t see how long we can hit”
– Sibu Jacobs (female:13 years) grade 8 leaner at Desmond Mpilo Tutu High School.

“I was so nervous at first because I have never been out of Mbekweni before, so I had a great time” – Siyolise Tyatyam (female: 13 years) grade 6 leaner at Mbekweni Primary School.

“It was the best experience ever, it was my first time at a golf course” – Iminathi Tyatyam (male:11 years) grade 5 leaner at Mary Help of Christians Primary.

This project is a total new experience to Ben as well.  He enjoys the childrens’ interest, willingness and seeing them develop and showing progress.

To all parties envolved the project is a learning process and we all are looking forward to the new season in the new year.