What’s happening at PGC?

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Boland Golf Union Events

The following online entries are now open on the Boland Golf Union website:

Porterville Junior Championship – 7 March 2021
The Boland Closed – 14 March 2021
Cape Winelands Senior Open – 18&19 March 2021

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Weekly Winners

Tuesday, 16 February 2021
4-Ball Progressive Alliance
Old Course
Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st Andrea Kritzinger
Susan Hattingh
Amanda Williams
116 R80
2nd Paula Bester
Sandra Clift
Vero Vervaeke
Marianne Friggens
114 R60
Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st L May Whitfield
Jane Hall
Linda Meyer
112 R40
Two Clubs
Name Mem #
Christa Goosen 1875
Saretha Maritz 1320
Linda Meyer 1074
Maggie Minnie 2020
Wednesday, 17 February 2021
Pro Shop Day
4 Ball Alliance 2 Scores to Count

Old Course

Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st Frikkie vd Merwe
Jurie Kemp
Chris Grove
Donald Humphries
97 R220
2nd Frans Strooh
Sam Kusluoglu
Bjorn van Oort
Renso Nel
90 R170
3rd Jaco vd Weshuizen
Vernon Els
Sean Scott
Graham Brown
87 R100
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
Jurie Kemp 0417 Buks Rossouw 0190
Deon De Swardt 0515 George Bezuidenhout 0012
Louis Lourens 0451 Willem Pienaar 1352
Friday, 19 February 2021
Individual Stableford

Old Course

Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Fred Bowles 3031 21 R90
2nd Chris Jordaan 2314 20 R70
3rd Karl-Heinz Lutzeler 3797 20 R40
Two Clubs

Name Mem # Name Mem #
Karl-Heinz Lutzeler 3797 Alida Kotzee 0707
Corrie vd Walt 0266 Chris Whitfield 0857
Saturday, 20 February 2021
4-Ball Progressive Alliance

Old Course

Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st JP Hugo
Guillaume Brink
Irvin Kellerman
Renso Nel
124 R175
2nd Mike Lochner
Colin Laity
Robert Saunders
Frans Theron
119 R140
3rd Eben Fourie
Eben Fourie Snr
Morne Fourie
Philip Lotter
119 R115
Winelands Course
Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st Michael Hope
Graham Retief
Willem Stander
Vernon Els
115 R175
2nd Gerrit Steenkamp
Jacques Du Toit
Francois Hamer
Wasfi Nackerdien
114 R140
3rd Timothy Hadfield
Peter Muller
Alan Strang
Andy Higgins
112 R115
Boschenmeer Course
Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st Wessel Strydom
Stefan Van Der Waldt
Hendrik Hamer
Hannes Louw
120 R175
2nd Ravi Naidoo
Ziyaad Moerat
Riedwaan Abrahams
Nizamudien Parker
118 R140
3rd Danie Olivier
Jan Lotter
Frikkie Van Greuning
Gilbert Sassman
115 R115
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
AJ Rossouw VIS Andre Claassens 3626
Daniel Jacobus Malan 2308 Elmar Venter 0867
JP Hugo 2242 Guillaume Brink 0997
Gerrit Steenkamp 1421 Jacques Du Toit 1721
Neil Lyners 4355 Riaan Kritzinger 0762
Buks Rossouw 0190 Kobie Grobler x 2 3881
Jan Lotter 0538 Kobus Griesel 2398
J Jordaan VIS Jacques Anderson 4357
Dawid (DR) Malan 3336 Anton Van Der Spek 9296
Jan Hanekom 2968 Butch Strasheim 3190
Dawie Malan 3187


What’s happening at PGC?

Click here for a detailed weather forecast for the week.

Boland Golf Union Events

The following online entries are now open on the Boland Golf Union website:

Boland Senior Open –  21&22 February 2021 – CLOSING DATE:  16 FEBRUARY AT 12H00
Porterville Junior Championship – 7 March 2021
The Boland Closed – 14 March 2021
Cape Winelands Senior Open – 18&19 March 2021

Join our Par 3 Sundowners

Weekly Winners
09 February 2021
4 BBB Stableford

Old Course

Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st Janet Malan
Saretha Maritz
43 R70
2nd L’MAY Whitfield
Alida Kotzee
4383 43 R45
Winelands Course
Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st Martine Strasheim
Hilary Johnson
41 R140
2nd Sandra Clift
Amanda Williams
41 R100
3rd Ronel Richards
Paula vd Merwe
41 R70
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
Saretha Maritz 1320 Hilary Johnson 0841
10 Febrary 2021
Sponsored by Goede Hoop Meat

Old Course

Place Names Score
1st Frikkie Van Der Merwe 65
2nd Dawie Malan 67
3rd Alan Strang 67
4th Ockie Douglas 68
5th Gert Odendal 68
Two Clubs

Name Mem # Name Mem #
Frikkie Van Der Merwe 3747 Timothy Hadfield 0425
Thembi Steenkamp 1688 Werner Greeff 4144
David Eisenstein 2633 George Bezuidenhout 0012
Johan Venter 1216 Willem Pretorius 706
Merwe Van Graan 0059 Carel Goosen 6587
Jp Hugo x 2 2242 Sam Kusluoglu 0140
Riedwaan Abrahams 0944
  13 February 2021
Betterball Stableford

Old Course

Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st Graeme Sim
Francois Eksteen
45 R250
2nd George Mihalopoulos
Pierre Bigara
43 R200
3rd Willie Horn
Carel De Beer
43 R150
4th Torben Martens
Gerhard Weissmann
43 R100
Winelands Course
Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st Marius Hugo
Deon Blackburn
40 R250
2nd Franz Lohbauer
George Bezuidenhout
40 R200
3rd Rashid Shaik
Neil Lyners
40 R150
4th Felix Bekker
Philip Roux
39 R100
Boschenmeer Course
Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st Frans Strooh
Timothy Hadfield
2345 46 R250
2nd Dick Coetzee
Hannes Louw
42 R200
3rd Alvin Naidoo
Ralph Mortlock
41 R150
4th William Brown
Alex Mccormack
41 R100
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
Marius Hugo 3747 Felix Bekker 0425
Haynes Van Der Merwe 1688 George Bezuidenhout 4144
Jacques Olivier 2633 Le Roy Le Riche 0012
Irvin Kellerman 1216 Stephno Lotz 706
Bjorn Van Oort 0059 Donavan Levey 6587
Jacques Mouton 2242 Ralph Mortlock x 2 0140
Eugene Hamman 0944 Peter Muller
Benjamin Fourie 0788
 14 February 2021
4BBB Stableford – Valentines Mixed

Old Course

Place Name Score
1st Dawid Malan
Janet Malan
2nd Jeannerie Jooste
Helaine Strydom (Ghost)
3rd Tol Janeke
Anne Janeke
4th L’MAY Whitfield
Chris Whitfield

Action plan to “RECLAIM” our greens

Members might have seen that most of the intended work has been done during the last two weeks and now we just need to give mother nature and a dedicated Servest team some time for the recovery work to kick in fully. We are “sacrificing” the small practice green to get good sods for the very bad patches on some of the greens. Hopefully we will have all of them replaced with good sods by the end of next week. Next week I will photographically report on our two reference greens again.

Paarl Golf Club moves up in SA top 100 courses

Last week we reported that we have moved up 4 places to number 82 in South Africa. Please feel free to go to the SAtop100 website by clicking here.

I also mentioned that part of our strategic plan is to end up in the top 10 golf courses within the Cape Metropolitan area. In order to achieve that we need to evaluate our current scoring and put action plans in place to pick up on the low scores and ensure that we remain high where we are currently fortunate to achieve good points.

This week I will spend time on our individual scores in the different categories that a golf course should go through to reach the top 100.

From the SA Top 100 website the following:

Judging a golf course on the quality of its Conditioning, Playability, Aesthetics, Design Variety, Shot Values and Memorability is a highly subjective process. A hole or course that fits one person’s eye may not appeal to another. That is why we have a panel. This list is not one person’s view. It is the combined outcome of a variety of passionate and knowledgeable golfers.

Our raters play and score courses on 6 criteria

Conditioning (73rd)

How would you rate the quality of tees, fairways, bunkers and greens, plus general presentation of the course? How firm yet receptive were the greens and how true were the roll of putts on the day you played the course. A great course is maintained in great playing shape, given the weather conditions it must deal with. The 20 points for conditioning are divided into 10 for greens, 4 for tees and fairways, 4 for bunkers, and 2 for general presentation. 20 points

The ranking criteria for conditioning consist of the following:

Greens (100th)

Good greens are firm yet receptive and roll true at reasonably fast speeds. Slow greens should be penalised. The green surrounds should be manicured and kept short. Greens recovering from hollowtining should not be rated.

Bunkers (57th)

How consistent is the sand for recovery shots, and is there an adequate covering of sand so that you don’t hit hard dirt underneath with an explosion shot. Stones can be removed from bunkers under the new rules, yet too many stones in a bunker should be penalised. The surrounds of bunkers are preferably closely mown so that balls don’t catch up in thick grass on a bunker’s edge, making for an even more difficult shot.

Tees (82nd)

These should be level, closely mown with good grass cover, firm enough that a high tee peg can be inserted with an easy push into the turf, and not lean over. Tee markers should be frequently moved to avoid wear and tear, and divots repaired.

Fairways (31st)

Firm, fast and rolling, with generally playable lies so that placing is unnecessary at most times of the year. It is preferable to have one type of fairway grass, but a mixture is permissible at courses which have budget constraints, as long as they are all sustainable grasses in our climate. Good fairways are properly defined with a distinctive second cut. Fairways thick with thatch are tolerable but not good.

General presentation

A course should look neat and manicured throughout, and the rough adjoining fairways should be fair and consistent. Thick isolated pockets of rough in the playing area result in lost balls and slow play. Penalty areas should have attractive natural aesthetics and be free of litter and debris.

Playability (Will get points scored from SATop100)

How well does the course challenge low-handicaps while providing enjoyable options for high-handicaps? 20 points

Aesthetics (Will get points scored from SATop100)

How well do the scenic values of the course (including landscaping, vegetation, water features and backdrops) add to the pleasure of a round? 15 points

Design variety (Will get points scored from SATop100)

How varied are the golf course’s holes in differing lengths, configurations, hazard placements, green shapes and green contours? 15 points

Memorability and consistency (Will get points scored from SATop100)

How well do the design features provide individuality to each hole yet a collective continuity to the entire 18? Is a consistent level of quality a course’s strength, or is it let down by several poor holes? 15 points

Shot values (Will get points scored from SATop100)

How well does the course pose risks and rewards and equally test length, accuracy and finesse? 15 points

The ranking criteria for facilities consist of the following: (Paarl golf club’s 2020 ranking in brackets)

Pace of play (80th)

If this is a course where you start on time, play moves at a brisk pace, and you’re not waiting on every tee box, then give it a good mark. But if a round takes 5 hours or longer, there’s not a marshal to be seen all day, and queues in the halfway house, vote accordingly.

Practice range (47th)

Ranges vary from course to course, mainly because of space restrictions. A top-class range should have bays with both mats and grass, space both long and wide to hit a driver, and quality range balls. Ranges should also be safe for not only those on the range but on neighbouring fairways. If balls keep straying on to the course then it’s not perfect.

Halfway house (95th)

Appetising food served promptly is what a golfer wants. It doesn’t have to be cordon bleu cooking, just a basic menu catering for a golfer’s known preferences. Tasty pies, a healthy salad, sandwiches, and a hot breakfast

Pro Shop (94th)

On-course shops have improved markedly. What do you think of the quality of stock on display, service levels, and is there a club pro you can turn to for advice? How do prices compare with the big retailers?

Service (109th)

What was the level of service, friendliness and personal attention at the golf club on the day you visited? Evaluate your overall experience and how memorable it was, from the security entrance, the welcome in the club, pro shop or starter on the first tee, service on the course and in the locker room, to the round of drinks afterwards.

Locker rooms (45th)

Again, like the halfway house, basic requirements are all that are needed. Showers with hot water and good pressure. Plenty of towels, mirrors, benches to sit on, and lockers for members and visitors. Space is important. Cramped, steamy locker rooms which feel like being in a rugby scrum are the pits.

Course etiquette (99th)

Clubs rely on golfers to rake bunkers, repair divots, mend pitch marks, and generally keep the place pristine. If it’s looking a mess in this regard, there’s a problem. Are there enough rakes and are the flagsticks in good condition? Litter can damage a course’s Aesthetics. Are there ample bins around the course, and is the war on litter working?

19th hole (117th)

A warm, friendly, inviting clubhouse or pub can soothe away the worst day on the golf course. What’s the ambience like, the view, the service, the furniture, coldness of the beers, quality of the wine cellar? Pizza oven? Good menu? The 19th hole is all about matching or improving on the golf course experience.

It is therefore clear that there are certain areas that need more attention than others but the important thing is to ensure that all the criteria are covered in a professional way

Members discount on drinks not applicable in halfway house anymore

Please note that from the 15th of February 2021 the 20% discount on drinks to members will no longer apply in the halfway house. Before everybody take up their arms please note that there will be other discounts available not only to the members but to visitors and residents of the Boschenmeer Estate as well. It is very difficult to keep the prices competitive and in line with the price reference with the other reference golf courses as per the Golfing Goat Lease Contract.

An example of a special would be a six pack of beer offered at R90 which means a unit cost of R15 per beer. This price would make them stay within the reference table of drinks in the halfway house and still offer a good value to our members as well. I assume everybody would understand that Golfing Goat would not be able to give a further 20% discount on a special offer like that. I have requested them to communicate and advertise their variety of specials for everybody to see and choose from.
I sincerely hope that our members would see the “benefit” of that type of discount and specials available to our visitors and residents as well.

Next club draw – 19 February 2021

Please note that the February club draw will be done on Friday the 19th of February 2021. Please diarise this occasion and try to attend. There are very interesting attendance draws that also take place at each draw.
Entries still open and the 5th (Fifth) draw will be done on Friday 19 February 2021.

In conversation with

This week we get to know our marketing lady, Ester van der Merwe, who we jointly utilises between Paarl Golf Club, Golfing Goat and Caylix Sport. Members entering through the main entrance would have met Ester already. She occupies the “office” at the entrance to the Foyer. We wish her many happy and successful years here at Paarl Golf Club and hope that we together can succeed in marketing Paarl Golf Club to become a destination of choice.
Ester Van der Merwe, our new marketing lady

From Mr. Rules

Conditions affecting the stroke.

There are specific conditions affecting the stroke, which are:

• The lie of the players ball at rest
• Area of intended stance
• Area of intended swing
• The line of play, and
• The relief area where the player will drop or place a ball.

This week we will focus on two of the above, the lie and the area of intended swing.

The rules (8.1a) clearly states that a player is not allowed to move, bend, or break any growing or attached natural object.

However, if a player restores the condition by returning the object to its original position before his/ her next stroke, there is no penalty (Rule 8.1c).

In the video below you can clearly see Lexi Thompson push over a turf of grass but luckily for her it sprang straight back into place. If it had stayed where she pushed it, she would have been in breach of the rule and a get a 2-stroke penalty. But as it returned to its original position (or if she had moved it back herself) there was no breach.

This is a very delicate subject, so click on the video below, see if you agree with Ed or Robert.

We would like to hear your views!
Enjoy your golf.
Mr R

What you still should remember when playing golf at PGC during the revised Level 3 Lockdown Rules

I know this might be boring by now, but please realise that we are still under Level 3 Lockdown Rules that did not change since inception. Thanks to those members (and visitors) who makes our work easier by adhering to the regulations and rules. We appreciate your continues support and help. It is not that difficult!

Lockdown regulations >

Golf quote of the week

Many moons ago

I did not get any takers for last week’s “table” I will give it one more week. Please help me out!

The photograph this week from the treasure chest is the one below. After last week’s 100% success I am trying my luck on this group as well. I sincerely hope that I would receive some feedback on who the people on the photograph are. Please e-mail me at manager@paarlgc.co.za if you recognise the people on the photo.

Know your birdies from your eagles

Little Swift (Klein-Windswael)

If you have a favourite bird or would like to know more about a particular species flying around PGC, please let us know so that we can do some research and showcase it in next week’s Gazette.

Know your birdies >

The perfect way to treat your Valentine

Valentine’s Day raffle
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Ladies Men’s

Dreams of better

Your experience matters to us

We’re here to do more than teach you about stance and grip and swing path. We’re here to help you get real fulfilment out of your playing experience. Golf should be a source of joy. We want to help you play the golf you dream of.
Dreams to reality >
The first step we’ll take when starting your journey to better will be to get a clear picture of where you are. WHY do you play golf? WHAT should you improve? HOW are we going to get you there? Together, we’ll find your answers.
Here’s to a better life
Let’s make golf a positive, healthy, and enriching part of your life. Discover the thrill of better golf shots, of sharing moments with others, of being outside and having fun.
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A flying start

What could you improve?

What part of your game would give you the most joy if you improved it?
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• How about sharper distance control on wedge shots?
• Could you make three-putts a rarity?
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What’s happening at PGC?

Boland Golf Union Golf Days

The following online entries are now open on the Boland Golf Union website www.bolandgolf.co.za:

1. Ceres Open – 30 January 2021
2. Ceres Junior Champs – 31 January 2021
3. Wellington Open – 7 February 2021
4. Paarl Senior Series – 11 February 2021
5. Boland Senior Open (At Paarl Golf Club) – 21 February 2021

The Captain vs Vice Competition

Congratulations to the Captain, Amanda Williams (left) on winning the Captian vs Vice competition on Tuesday the 26th of January 2021.

Well done to Team Aletha for a great effort, lost by 1 point!

Weekly Winners

27 January 2021
4 BBB Bogey Plus

Boschenmeer Course

Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Donald Humphries
Chris Whitfield
+7 R250
2nd Dawid Malan
Buks Rossouw
+6 R200
3rd Vernon Els
Michael Hope
+5 R150
4th Granville Adams
Sean Bossenger
+4 R100
5th Charl Goosen
Andre Moller
+4 R75
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
Buks Rossouw 0190 Juri Kemp 0417
Johan Van Zyl 0766
30 January 2021
Individual Stableford

Old Course
A-Division (0-9 Handicap)

Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Jurian Kitshoff 3600 39 R225
2nd Adrian Moon 0785 38 R175
3rd Jacques Olivier 0041 37 R125
B-Division (10-15 Handicap)
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Frans Strooh 2139 42 R225
2nd Linley Truter 3445 38 R175
3rd Craig Schaefer 0785 38 R125
C-Division (16+ Handicap)
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Peter Muller 1169 46 R225
2nd Alan Le Roux 9711 42 R175
3rd Graham Brown 6696 39 R125
A-Division (0-9 Handicap)
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Hennie Loots 2402 40 R190
2nd Ralph Mortlock 2008 36 R160
3rd Elmar Venter 0867 35 R100
B-Division (10-15 Handicap)
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st JP Neethling 8478 39 R225
2nd Alvin Naidoo 3014 37 R175
3rd Anton de Bruyn 2403 36 R125
C-Division (16+ Handicap)
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Robert Saunders 2025 41 R225
2nd Johan Burnett 1685 41 R175
3rd Ziyaad Moerat 3441 40 R125
A-Division (0-9 Handicap)
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Gideon vd Heever 2470 39 R190
2nd Brian Lawrie 1088 37 R160
3rd Willie Horn 0765 34 R100
B-Division (10-15 Handicap)
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Dawie Malan 3187 36 R225
2nd Charl Goosen 1874 35 R175
3rd Gert Strydom 1956 35 R125
C-Division (16+ Handicap)
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Willem Basson 3839 36 R225
2nd Deon Breedt 0213 35 R175
3rd Ronel Basson 3740 34 R125
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
George Bezuidenhout 0012 Ralph Mortlock 2008
Andre Labuschaigne 3637 Willem Pienaar 1352
Hendrik Hamer 0207 Jp Neethling 8478
Graham Retief 4952 Gideon Van Den Heever 2470
Chris Whitfield 0857 Stroebel Hofmeyr 3634
Timothy Hadfield 0425 Jan Lotter 0538
Alan Le Roux 9711 Kathleen Martens 4191
Michael Hope 2269 Francois Eksteen 2116
Gert Strydom 1956 Dawie Malan 3187