Start them on a journey

The next few months at BF Golf Academy, we are all about getting as many juniors into this wonderful game as possible. There are so many benefits that your kids or grandchildren can get from spending time on the fairways.

Starting on the 1st of February, Ben is offering kids from 7 – 12 the chance to improve their skills, have some fun and make new friends! These group lessons will be taking place on Mondays and Fridays.

Contact Hannarie on or 082 990 7161 for more details and book your child’s spot!

We haven’t forgotten about your little ones either! SNAG is the perfect way to introduce this game to your children between the ages of 4 – 7, with fun equipment, exciting games and great learning techniques that will help your children develop not only their physical abilities, but social skills too.

We are offering morning and afternoon sessions on Thursdays, so contact Hannarie on or 082 990 7161 today!


The game of a lifetime

Full of life, for life

Here are three great reasons why your children should learn to play golf.
First, it’s a safe outdoor activity that gets them away from the pressures of an ever-faster digital life. Second, it’s a skill they learn easily that gives access to a lifetime of fun and social connections. Third, and most importantly, it’s something they can do with you until you’re old and grey.
From 16 years old, junior golfers who started their journey at 6, move from learning to play, to what development models call “training to compete”. This is when we fine-tune skills and start incorporating competitive elements into coaching.
Get your children into golf
We want your children to fall in love with the game. We want them to have a lifetime of healthy, outdoor enjoyment for themselves and their families. If you have a child or grandchild, let’s get them started on the journey of a lifetime.
Get them started >

Your scoring zone

Trying to outswing your equipment?

Unless you’re playing on tour, using worn out wedges or incorrect lofts that are poorly fitted, is going to mean that up to half of your round is more difficult than it should be.
Are you losing spin and control playing with worn out wedges?
“If you’re playing just once a week, expect your wedges to last for about two years.”
Do you have a wedge set that enables you to play a variety of shots with full control? Or are you trying to fill loft gaps by altering your swing?
Is your golf ball complementing your wedge setup by giving you enough trajectory and spin?
Easier scoring inside 100 metres
Your short-game equipment should be adding control to your scoring shots, not making it more difficult. Let’s schedule some time to go through your equipment and have a look at your swing.
Get started >
The Cleveland CBX2 Wedge will get you there. And it now comes in a striking black satin finish.
Learn more > Experience CBX2 >


Action plan to “RECLAIM” our greens

I had several members and visitors pointing out to me that the greens are not up to our normal standard as it was in November. I have no choice than to agree with them because I experienced it myself. Members would have noticed that after the December season our greens looked as if they went on holiday and never recovered from that.

I have with previous newsletters just touched on the irrigation problem (main cause of all the problems) and realised that I need to give more detail than just to say that they were clogged with mud and silt from the newly cleaned irrigation dam.

Let me start in November where we all were happy with our greens. The moss programme that Servest was implementing were working well and there were only small spots of moss which they started to physically remove.

Then in the first two weeks of December we did the irrigation dam project where we had to remove all the reeds and weeds from the dam as well as to remove the silt layer created over many years. Lastly, we deepened the irrigation dam where possible in order to create more capacity in the dam. We had to do it in the dry period as well as during a period where the course would not be that busy. We even timed it with the complete hatching of all the waterfowl chickens nesting around the dam. There was therefore not a better time to do this project.

However, this project had disastrous effects on the irrigation system which started to clog up every evening that Servest ran the irrigation cycles. Servest do irrigate at night to not bother golfers during the day with running sprayers but also the South Easter winds normally die down at night that allows them to get the water where it was planned to go.

The photo on the right is a look into the filter of the pump station every morning they opened it up during those critical days.

All the available Servest workers were pulled in to clean each sprayer individually each day. The team from Servest also flushed the system regularly to try and get the mud and silt out of the main irrigation system. This process took far longer than anticipated and also resulted in other crucial golf course maintenance work like moving the rough and tee boxes, manicuring the course and day to day challenges that the Servest team face falling behind program. With long weekends over Christmas as well as New year it also did not help the cause due to limited staff trying their utmost to catch up with the maintenance program. In order to save the greens from the harsh temperatures and very strong South Easter winds experienced during December the use of hand spraying of the greens was implemented. Although it helped to get water on the greens the amount and spread of the water could not be controlled and this resulted in overwatering at some points and underwatering at other points on the same green. This became a perfect breeding area for the moss that is underlying in our greens. With the moss becoming visual the decision was made to spray it with fungicide which at the end resulted in the moss “dying” leaving ugly black areas on most of the greens. Servest also spiked the greens almost daily to try and get the drainage to the roots of the grass.

The condition of the underlying layers was checked daily to see if the roots are reached by the watering cycles. Grass cannot grow if they can’t get water through their roots. So it is very important to get the water through the upper layers of the green down to the roots of the plants when watering the greens.

Servest was requested to put forward an action plan to recover the greens in time for the Boland Seniors tournament taking place on the 21st and 22nd of February 2021. The matter was tabled at the Board meeting of 25 January 2021 where the action plan proposed by Servest was accepted and it was further resolved that this communication be put out to members. The Board also requested formal communication to Servest, requesting measures to be implemented to avoid re-occurrence.

Aerating the greens will form the main base of their recovery program. They will have to hollow tine (light 8mm diameter tines) a few greens (Seems like 1, 12 and 14) at this stage to get the drainage process on the greens functional again. Some greens will be plugged with pods from other healthy areas of greens and spiked regularly. Patches and pods will mostly be taken from the practice area green which will recover quickly after reseeding them. Here I request the understanding and support from our members to accept that Servest have no other choice than to be aggressive in their approach. They have committed themselves to achieving this goal and I think I speak on behalf of all the members when I say all the best and good luck.

What Servest have done in the last week was to change the sprayer configuration at the greens of holes 1-18 so that the green sprayers will only concentrate on the greens and that the surrounding areas will be hand watered if needed during the day. They now do one cycle on each green early in the morning and if then needed they can use this process to cool down the greens using the sprayers for a maximum 6-minute period in order to ensure that the water gets spread evenly and effectively on the greens. This might interfere with the golf from time to time but I am sure that you as member will understand how important it is for the recovery of the greens.

The two photographs below confirm what the situation was during December and how the constant spiking and new watering process allowed the water to get to the deeper roots of the grass in January. The December sample clearly shows that the water did not get through the upper layer (red line) and you see dry sand where the critical roots of the grass should be situated. In the January 2021 photograph it is clear (red line) that the water got down to the roots area. Effective drainage of greens is probably the most important aspect of healthy greens.

December 2020 January 2021

As a last plea. Please let us not get stuck in the past as to what happened, but let us together concentrate on the road ahead. This situation is not unique to Paarl Golf Club. Greens are living organisms and can sometimes be very unpredictable and quickly change their form.

I thought hard and long should I or shouldn’t I share the following information with you as members. But I really feel that it somehow sums up the concept of greens being living organisms and that they sometimes have a will of their own.

During last week’s PGA tournament at La Quinta in California I “saw” on television the conditions of the greens that the best in the world was playing on. I captured this just to show that even on the highest level of golf there can be unpredictable situations that no one plans for and also did not do on purpose. I sincerely hope that together we understand and support all efforts to recover our greens to their former pristine condition.

In order to accommodate visiting golfers, we decided to offer a discount on green fees for the recovery period till end March 2021. We sincerely hope that it would help in keeping the visitor’s feet coming through that we as club so desperately need to overcome the budget constraints that Covid left us with.

 The irrigation dam project

The last phase in this project is the clearing up and refurbishment of the construction area. This will take some time to get the grass growing again but we will start with that this week already. Thanks to those members who “saw” the difference the dam makes in the golf experience and mentioned it in passing by. I can confirm that we extended the capacity of the dam by nearly 30%. That makes it all worth it.

Paarl youngsters excel in Ceres

Well done to two of our younger golfers who exceled at the recent tournament held at Ceres.

Jere Brits won the under 19 title with a winning total of 68! Two shots ahead of the field that included Thomas Joubert (70), Angelo Keffers (71) and Romeo le Roux also on 71.

We are very proud of you Jere!

Another “youngster” from Paarl Golf Club and currently the number 1 junior in the Boland, Ethan Smith showed his class by winning the Citrusdal Open with rounds of 66 and 65 which left him 7 shots clear of the field.

Well done Ethan!

  Next Club Draw – 19 February 2021

Please note that the February club draw will be done on Friday the 19th of February 2021. Please diarise this occasion and try to attend. There are very interesting attendance draws that also take place at each draw.

Entries still open and the 5th (Fifth) draw will be done on Friday 19 February 2021.

We have 83 entries!

The results of the January Club Draw saw the following individuals getting their hands on some of the winnings:

Nr 7: Franz Lohbauer – R1 000
Nr 9: Willem Pienaar – R600
Nr 78: Danie Cronje – R300

Well done guys and I hope that this will fill some kind of hole that the festive season left.

In conversation with

This week we get to know Ethan Smith. Ethan showed recently at the Citrusdal Open why he is ranked no 1 in the Boland with a convincing victory. Ethan had rounds of 66 and 65 and his winning score of 131 was 7 shots better than the rest of the field. Ethan we are following your progress with anticipation.
Meet Ethan >

If you would like to be part of our wonderful PGC community, let us know so that we can get to know you a bit more. How will anyone know what exotic drink to buy you otherwise?

Help us by completing your scorecard correctly

How to complete your scorecard

We are seeing more and more players not giving attention to their scorecards and would like to help and point out why it is important to provide the scorers all the detail necessary for them to effectively prepare the final result sheets. It is also important to ensure that by using one card per fourball that everything on the card should be correct and a true reflection of what happened on the course. See below an example of a completed scorecard and the information needed.

Competition Format, Date, Tee Time, Name & Surname, Membership Number, Handicap Index, Course Handicap, which course was played, and lastly which tee box you were playing from (Y, W, B or R)

We thank you for your co-operation in this regard.

If you have any suggestions to simplify this process, please let us know.

Golfing regards,

What you still should remember when playing golf at PGC during the revised Level 3 Lockdown Rules

I know this might be boring by now, but please realise that we are still under Level 3 Lockdown Rules that did not change since inception. Thanks to those members (and visitors) who makes our work easier by adhering to the regulations and rules. We appreciate your continues support and help. It is not that difficult!

Lockdown regulations >

Many moons ago

Thanks again to Anville van Wyk who was quick out of the blocks to identify two gentlemen on the phot of last week.

FLTR: Johan Loubser, Captain in 1978 and in the middle is Louis Viljoen. They man on the right could not be identified

The photograph this week from the treasure chest is the one below. I sincerely hope that I would receive some feedback on who the people in the photograph are. Please e-mail me at if you recognise the ladies and gentlemen in the photo.

Know your birdies from your eagles

Cape Weaver (Kaapse Wewer)

  If you have a favourite bird or would like to know more about a particular species flying around PGC, please let us know so that we can do some research and showcase it in next week’s Gazette.

Know your birdies >

Golf quote of the week


What’s happening at PGC?

Boland Golf Union Golf Days

The following online entries are now open on the Boland Golf Union website

1. Ceres Open – 30 January 2021
2. Ceres Junior Champs – 31 January 2021
3. Wellington Open – 7 February 2021
4. Paarl Senior Series – 11 February 2021
5. Boland Senior Open (At Paarl Golf Club) – 21 February 2021

Weekly Winners

19 January 2021
Four Ball Alliance – Two Scores to Count

Old Course

Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st Barbara Hughes
Elmien Jacobs
Carla Hermans
Sandra Clift
86 R95
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
Sandra Clift 4383 Arina vd Vyver 1130
Maggie Minnie 2020 Andrea Kritzinger 1191
20 January 2021
4 BBB Stableford

Boschenmeer Course

Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Andy Higgins
Johan van Zyl
45 R280
2nd Albert Roux
Deon de Swart
45 R220
3rd Peter Muller
Graham Retief
44 R180
4th Lodrick Lourens
David Sadie
44 R130
5th Louis Lourens
Jacques Mouton
44 R90
6th Albie van Zyl
Steph Lotz
43 R60
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
Steyn Pienaar 4006 Erik Steyl 1390
Stephno Lotz 0333 Peet Bester 6587
Wikus Minnie 0852 David Sadie 3964
David Naude 3743 Linley Truter 3455
Werner Greeff 4144
23 January 2021
Four Ball Alliance – Two Scores to Count

Old Course

Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Jurgen Geyer
Rohan Geldenhuys
Jan De Wet
Erich De Wet
89 R190
2nd Jeff Lotter
Dries Cuyler
Dawid Malan
Charl Malan (VIS)
87 R160
3rd Buks Rossouw
Willie Storm
Leon Cronje
Andre Moller
82 R100
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Eben Fourie
Morne Fourie
Frederick De Wet
Barry Koch (VIS)
87 R190
2nd Mathys Odendaal
Jacques Hamman
Elgee Botha
Johan Burnett
82 R160
3rd Anton vd Spek
Peter Friggens
Brian Goodwin
David Maughan
79 R100
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Willie Horn
Ettienne Eloff (VIS)
Jacques Roos
Vanessa Smith
84 R190
2nd Francois Viljoen
Christo Kilian
Pieter Heyns
Jacques Anderson
84 R160
3rd Henk De Villiers
Wessel Strydom
Pikkie Swart
John Hamman (VIS)
83 R100
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
Willie Griessel 4061 Wessel Strydom 0289
Jere Brits 9911 Henk De Villiers 1871
Hercules Venter (VIS) 2667 Maggie Minnie 2020
Benjamin Fourie 0788 Ian Vos 2048
Pieter Van Greunen (VIS) 2206 Dawid Maritz 8796
Linky Malan x 2 3314 Ettienne Perold 2926
Buks Rossouw 0190 Irvin Kellerman 2345
TC Fourie 8142 Charl Malan (VIS) 3336
Colin Laity 1334

What’s happening at PGC?

Weekly Winners

13 January 2021
Medal, Sponsored by Goede Hoop Meat

Boschenmeer Course

Place Name Score
1st Carel de Beer 71
2nd Alan Richards 73
3rd Jaco vd Westhuizen 73
4th Willie Horn 73
5th Dawie Pretorius 73
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
Dawie Pretorius 3182 Andre Moller 3281
Peter Friggens 2817 Sebastian Bowles 0971
Ben Fouche 1390 Chris Grove 0158
Eugene Andries 3982

16 January 2021
4 BBB Stableford

Old Course

Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Buks Rossouw
Kobus Griesel
78 R250
2nd Graham Retief
Steyn Pienaar
76 R200
3rd Dirk Lategan
Johan Burnett
74 R150
4th David Eisenstein
Peter Muller
73 R100
5th Jenny Elgie
Graham May
73 R75
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st SP Malherbe
Andre Burger
76 R250
2nd Elmar Venter
Colin Laity
72 R200
3rd Wp Botha
Morne Maritz
72 R150
4th Deon Van Der Spuy
Riaan Kritzinger
70 R100
5th Irvin Kellerman
Guillaume Brink
69 R75
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Chris Willson
Christo Lombard
76 R250
2nd Karl-Heinz Lutzeler
Le Roy Le Riche
74 R200
3rd Ian Van Schalkwyk
Gert Strydom
72 R150
4th Christopher Droomer
Johan Jordaan
70 R100
5th Haynes Van Der Merwe
Deon Blackburn
69 R75
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
Christopher Droomer 1642 Le Roy Le Riche 0514
Haynes Van Der Merwe 8842 Alida Kotzee 0707
Ralph Mortlock 2008 Lodrick Lourens 0384
Henry Swartz 7744  Elmar Venter  0867
Alex Mccormack 2734  WP Botha  2213
Dirk Lategan 3255 Hendrik Hamer  0207
Jp Neethling 8478 Brenden Shiel 1717
Morne Fourie 3304  Merwe Van Graan  0059
Carel De Beer 3011  Freund Viljoen  0429
Marco Da Lanca 1782 Hannes Louw  0673
Bruce Nourse 1851  Dewald Spies  0384
Brian Goodwin 0523  Danie Olivier  4578
Tiny Dusarduyn 0571  Anton Van Der Spek 9296
Donald Humphries 0469  Andre Visser x 2   2343

A happy new year to all

To all our members,
compliments for the new year. I wish you good health and safety in the year of 2021. We hope to be seeing many of you out on the golf course. We’re looking forward to smashing your golfing goals this year.

A day not to be missed

Walk off the green with a smile, when you’ve tried these products.
20th January 2021
As part of our Pro Shop day we have a Cleveland activation available for members and guests to attend at no charge.

The following products will be demonstrated:
HB Soft & Frontline putters, Cleveland ZipCore, CBX2 & CG1 wedges

Riaan Roux – our Cleveland agent – will be on the putting green from 10h30 till 13h30 to chat to golfers & demo the products.

Don’t miss this opportunity.
I’ll be there >

Some other news

We would like to inform all our members that Melaney, our pro shop sales lady has taken up a position elsewhere and is leaving us after many years. Melaney will have her last day today.

We wish to thank Melaney for the long years of service she gave us. We wish her the very best for her future.

Welcome to the Pro Shop team!

We would like to welcome Carmen Ockhuis to the Paarl Pro Shop team.
Carmen joined us on the 4th of January in the Paarl Pro Shop as sales lady, working alongside Elana. We look forward to introducing Carmen to all our members and we are looking forward to a strong team effort in delivering great service to our members and visitors going forward.
Carmen and Elana

A word from Carmen:

I am Carmen Ockhuis and I grew up in the Lanquedoc/Pniel-area. I am one of five children and I have two brothers and two sisters. I enjoyed my childhood playing outdoors and keeping busy with creative activities. I had a great admiration for the late princess Lady Diana.

I started working directly after finishing school at Charleston Hill Secondary School in Paarl. I have been married for fourteen years to my husband Francois. We have one son – Xavier. I have previous retail experience from working at: Sheet Street,  Mr Price and Essential Health.

I am looking forward to this new opportunity. Although it is new and unknown, I am excited to be working together and becoming part of a team of great people.


Your scoring zone

Are you giving yourself a chance?

How big is the loft gap between your pitching wedge and your sand wedge? Do you have a wedge for in between? And what do you do when you need more loft than your sand wedge has available? To give yourself a real scoring chance inside 100 metres, you need lofts that give you the right launch angle into the green, whatever the situation.
Regardless of skill level, carrying 3 to 4 wedges in your bag is going to increase your scoring odds in this zone.
Invest in your wedge set
Let’s schedule a wedge fitting and make sure you’re giving yourself a scoring chance from 100 metres in.
Get started >

The game of a lifetime

Get them started while it’s easy

Golf is a skill that can be learned throughout life, but it comes especially easily to children. Getting your child into the game early means they pick it up quicker, and benefit from it for longer. Not to mention, it gives you more time to enjoy a common pastime with your child.
More than a skill
Once the skill is acquired, golf is a game for life. But skills aside, golf also brings friendship, belonging, fun and positive social experiences.
When coaching children between 6 and 9 years old, our focus is on fun and physical literacy. In this age group, children should be taking part in a wide variety of physical activities.
Get your children into golf
If you have a child or grandchild, let’s get them into golf while it’s easier to learn and get them started on the journey of a lifetime.
Get them started >

Beginning of a New Year

Welcome back to all our members for the year 2021. We have survived 2020 with all it’s interesting surprises and just when we thought 2021 might bring a new dawn, Cyril locked us up yet again. Luckily by now, we here at the Paarl Golf Club are ready for any challenges and due to the fact that we were in line with all the regulations, the “change” to the revised Covid Level 3 regulations did not affect us at all. Thanks once again to all our members and visitors who help us in adhering to the regulations by doing their part. We appreciate that.

The Irrigation Dam Project

By now members should have seen that we have cleared the irrigation dam of all the reeds, and in the process of desilting the dam, we also deepened it where possible. However, this exercise left us with a dam full of dirty water and mud and silt in suspension. This created other problems in the clogging up of our irrigation system that really tested the Servest team’s ability to stay calm and do what needs to be done. Members would see that certain areas on the course suffered under the harsh temperatures and windy conditions and dried out more than we would have wanted. This happened purely because of the irrigation system struggling to feed the amount of water needed during this warm and windy period. I am happy to announce that we are starting to see the light and that we are getting the water where it is needed.

In order not to damage the course too much with heavy vehicles carting away the reeds and the mud, we opted for storing it next to the dam to dry out to be removed later. That process started this week and we hope to have the dam cleared by Friday the 15th of January 2021. We also decided to replace the old dilapidated wall with something more permanent and aesthetically pleasing. We also plan to finish the cladding of the wall by Friday the 15th of January 2021.

In December, I indicated to watch this space on the left and below the cladding of the new dam wall at the 11th tee is nearing completion. We now await the drying out of the portion between the two walls to clear the weeds and reeds and then we will remove the old wall
The new dam wall nearing completion

Hole-in-one “benefits” changed

After doing an investigation into what the norm is at different golf clubs in the Western Cape and careful consideration, the Captain’s Committee has taken the decision as follows with regards to a hole-in-one contribution from Paarl Golf Club.

When a member or visitor scores a legitimate hole-in-one at Paarl Golf Club, he/she will be issued a personalised certificate as well as a letter for insurance purposes. It is the player’s own prerogative whether he/she wants to buy a round of drinks at the bar after the round for the patrons, at his/her own cost. Paarl Golf Club will no longer contribute towards the bar bill anymore, seeing that this “tradition” has long been stopped at most of the clubs. If a player would like to buy a round of drinks at the bar, he/she will make the arrangements with Golfing Goat themselves and ring the bell accordingly.

Please remember that we have brought in the concept of the hole-in-one challenge, where you can bet on yourself for hitting the perfect shot and earn some good money if you have taken out the ticket for that. Please support this initiative. Our own Maria Kirton lipped the 23rd hole last Saturday and realised how close she was to a hole-in-one. In her own words, “I will never skip the hole-in-one challenge anymore, what is R20 if you can convert that into R20 000 by achieving a hole-in-one?” All the best Maria!

The new clubhouse restaurant and bar

Accolades keep on flowing in for the huge difference the incorporation of the veranda area into the old restaurant and bar area achieved.  It is just a pity that Covid keeps on coming in the way of this area really taking off. Please support them in all their weekday specials they offer.

   The Winelands venue preparing for 2021

Huge plans were made for the programme of The Winelands venue for 2021. Again, Cyril put a stop to all of that and various musicians had to be postponed until the regulations will allow them to host 150 people again. We will keep you informed as to the progress with that and as soon as they can function fully you as members will be notified.

  Next Club Draw – 22 January 2021

Please note that the January Club Draw will be done on Friday the 22nd of January 2021. Please diarise this occasion and try to attend. There are very interesting attendance draws that also take place.

Entries still open and the 4th (fourth) draw will be done on Friday 22 January 2021.

We have 83 entries!

Spotlight Social registration

Win the wine of the month!

We are currently on 367 members, so please put in some effort to register on the app. Number 400 will be next in line for a bottle of wine.

We are now on 363!
For your efforts you can be next in line to win a bottle of wine with compliments from the “Wine of the Month”. Thank you to the members that have registered so far. See how to win here.

Download the app >

In conversation with

This week we get to know one of our new members, Prieur du Plessis. Thanks, Prieur for being a sport in completing the questionnaire. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your golf here at your favourite Paarl Golf Club and that you would enjoy your membership here to the full.

If you would like to be part of our wonderful PGC community, let us know so that we can get to know you a bit more. How will anyone know what exotic drink to buy you otherwise?

 Mr. Rules

Penalty Area

Hi everyone, happy New Year.

I was surprised when I played with a member and he was confused where to drop when his ball was in a red penalty area. The confusion many players have is the back on the line relief when in a red penalty area.

Yellow and red penalty areas give you the same option except with a red penalty area, you have an additional option of lateral relief.

In the case that I mentioned, the player drove his ball into the penalty area on the left of hole no 27. He was surprised when I told him that he could drop his ball on the fairway.

Rule 17.1d states that a player may drop a ball in a relief area that is based on a reference line going straight back from the hole through the estimated point where the original ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area. See pictures below.

Enjoy your golf,

Mr R

What you still should remember when playing golf at PGC during the revised Level 3 Lockdown Rules

I know this might be boring by now, but please realise that we are still under Level 3 Lockdown Rules that did not change since inception. Thanks to those members (and visitors) who makes our work easier by adhering to the regulations and rules. We appreciate your continues support and help. It is not that difficult!

Know your birdies from your eagles

        Lesser Swamp Wabler (Kaapse Rietsanger)
If you have a favourite bird or would like to know more about a particular species flying around PGC, please let us know so that we can do some research and showcase it in next week’s Gazette.

Know your birdies >

Golf quote of the week

What’s happening at PGC?

Weekly Winners

 06 January 2021
4 BBB Stableford

Old Course

Place Name Mem # Score Prize
1st Willem Pretorius
Gert Kruger
48 R250
2nd Guillaume Brink
Robert Saunders
44 R225
3rd Jack Edward
Steph Lotz (Ghost)
44 R200
4th Rolf Moschinsky
Chris Grove
43 R175
5th Jacques de Villiers
DeWalt Spies
43 R150
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
Alan Strang 3829 Johan Leon Swart 0160
Jacques du Villiers Vis Renso Nel 1085
Buks Rossouw x 2 0190 Peter Friggens 2817
 09 January 2021
4 BBB Stableford

Old Course

Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st William Brown
Alex Mccormack
59 R250
2nd Francois Olivier
Riaan Goosen
61 R200
3rd Albie van Zyl
Gert Strydom
62 R150
4th Kobus Griesel
Anton van Rensburg
63 R100
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Rudi Keet
Riaan Heyl
62 R250
2nd Dick Knight
Frans Strooh
63 R200
3rd Junaid Ahmed
Wasfi Nackerdien
65 R150
4th Jp Hugo
Colin Laity
66 R100
Place Names Mem # Score Prize
1st Riaan Kritzinger
Jaco Lloyd
65 R250
2nd David Retief
Werner Du Toit
65 R200
3rd Chris Whitfield
L’ May Whitfield
66 R150
4th Jp Neethling
Sam Kusluoglu
66 R100
Two Clubs
Name Mem # Name Mem #
Riaan Kritzinger 0762 William Brown 1484
Jacques Smith 8803 Christopher Cleary Vis
Danie Olivier 4578 Chris Willson 3876
Wessel Strydom 0289 Joep Joubert 3300
Reuben Riffel 0598 Francois Olivier 0628
Maria Kirton 6363 Alex Mccormack 3734
Martin Mostert 7901 Jan Jordaan 0266
Wikus Minnie 0852 Anton van Rensburg 2398
Jan Lotter 0538 Werner Du Toit 1049
Merwe Van Graan 0059