Wednesday, 27 February 2019 – Members Competition – Betterball Stableford
Wednesday, 27 February 2019 – Annual General Meeting – 18:30
Friday, 1 March 2019 – Sundowner Competition from 15:00 – Individual Stableford
Saturday, 2 March 2019 – Members Competition – Monthly Medal

Who’s been winning at the Club?

Tuesday, the 19th of February
Ladies Competition, Betterball Stableford, 35 players




Ronnie De Robilard
Bernice Boshoff
Anemie Du Toit
Janet Malan
Yolanda Kinghorn
Marianne Friggens






Find the rest of the results here.

Wednesday, the 20th of February
4-BBB Medal, Pro Shop Day, 56 players




Werner Du Toit
Graham Brown
Sean Scott
Tim Hadfield
Granville Isaacs
Dennis Kearns



Find the rest of the results here.
Friday, the 22nd of February

1st – N Brink 23
2nd – E Janse Van Rensburg 21
3rd – L Benjamin 21

Saturday, the 23rd of February
Mercedez Benz Saturday Comp, Individual Stableford, players 141

Old Course
Basson Hougaard
Danie Jv Rensburg 
Karl Lutzeler
Sebastian Bowles 
Riedwaan Abrahms 
Renso Nel 
Winelands Course
Haynes van der Merwe 
Jan Lotter
Wilfred Saville
Zane Meyer
Craig Hawkins
Gavin Blignaut

Find the rest of the results here.

Our juniors are having fun

Lots of activity at BF Golf Academy

A day out on the course

Look at this! Our juniors are out on the course, and, by the looks of it, having lots of fun! In the pictures below Ben is out with the juniors during an on-course session.

Young golfers having fun with SNAG

The SNAG program is really looking good and is all about having fun while learning and developing skills to play golf ! Forward a few years and there’s no limit to what these young children can achieve!

If you are looking for an extra-mural activity or sport for your children, golf is a great option because not only does it help to keep them fit and healthy, it gets them outdoors and it’s a great way to meet new friends and to practice their social skills.  Our SNAG programme is taught by sports skills trainer, Sanmari Smith, who will teach your kids all the fundamentals of golf in an age-appropriate context, while they get to have fun.

Game on ladies!

We are looking for ladies to sign up for a beginners package. All those who may be interested are welcome to contact Hannarie Fouchee at 082 990 7161.

What’s up at the Pro Shop?

Victory is in the eye of the beholder

Hawk sunglasses were on promotion during Wednesday’s Paarl Pro Shop sponsored day. It’s comfortable and it keeps the glare out when preparing for an important shot. Come in store to see what else we have in stock.

See your way through to victory at Paarl Pro Shop. Contact Hannarie on 082 990 7161 for more information.

Wednesday, 20 February
Members Competition, Betterball Medal
Sponsored by the Pro Shop

Hawk sunglasses will be available at a special price.

Friday, 22 February – Sundowner Competition – Individual Stableford
Saturday, 21 February – Members Competition – Individual Stableford – sponsored by Mercedes Benz Paarl

Book your tee times online

We would like to remind members that online tee-time bookings can be made on our website at

Who’s been winning at the club?

Tuesday, the 12th of February
Ladies Competition – Individual Stableford, 32 players

See the results here.

Wednesday, the 13th of February
Wednesday Competition – Individual Stableford, sponsored by GOEDE HOOP SLAGHUIS, 70 players

See the results here.

Friday, the 15th of February
Sundowner results

1st – N Brink – 16
2nd – D Heyns – 14

Saturday, the 16th of February 2019
Saturday Competition, 4-Ball Progressive Alliance, 156 players

See the results here.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019: Members Competition – Individual Stableford – sponsored by Goede Hoop Meat
Friday, 15 February 2019: Sundowner competition – Two-Ball Combined Stableford
Saturday, 16 February 2019: Members competition – Four-Ball Progressive Alliance

Who’s been winning at the club?

Friday Sundowner winners

1st – D. Heyns – 20
2nd – N. Brink – 18
6 February, 4BBB Stableford
Wednesday Competition

See the results here.

9 February, Windhoek Pairs
4BBB Stableford

See the results here.

10 February, Valentine’s Mix
4BBB Stableford

See the results here.

Course Rating Review

Everyone will be glad to know that SAGA will review our course rating on 19 February.  We are of the opinion that our Old Course, Winelands Course and Boschenmeer Course are not rated correctly and that an error occurred with the ratings of the three 9-holes and their combination, affecting our overall course ratings. This will be tested and reviewed on the 19th. Thank you to Steph Lotz for organising this!

Course Update

The stacked stone wall of the dam between the 9th and 18th holes has for a long time been a bone of contention. We are busy costing alternative solutions to address this and seal the dam to restore this area to the feature that it should be for Paarl Golf Club.

As most of you would have seen, rehabilitation of the 24th fairway after the damage of the drought last year is under way. Grass sods will be planted here soon – thank you all for your patience!

Lastly, we are busy upgrading our river water extraction point to optimise water extraction of our installed pump capacity. Wynand built himself a flow-through pool in the river and we are in the process of constructing a filter and protection system for our river pumps. This will be installed next week.

Managing Director Appointment

To ensure that everyone receives the announcement on the MD appointment, the original announcement is included here.  I spent a few hours with Willem this moring and he is rearing to go!

Good day All
It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Willem Pretorius as Managing Director of Paarl Golf Club, effective from 1 March 2019.
Willem is currently the Senior Civil Engineering Manager at Drakenstein Municipality and he previously held various senior management positions in both private business and city councils.  Willem is a keen golfer and active member of PGC and a resident of Boschenmeer.
Please join me in welcoming Willem as our new MD and wishing him well with the challenges of managing a financially sustainable golf club in today’s economic environment.
Christian van Schalkwyk
Chairman of the Board

Annual General Meeting

Please note that the new date for the AGM will be 27 February.  A number of resolutions and changes to our MOI is to be decided on at this AGM and all members are urged to please attend this once a year event.

Take part in the biggest International Pairs Golf Tournament in South Africa this Saturday!

See below for more details.

What’s up this week?

Tuesday, 5 February 2019 – Pink Ball Alliance (Cheese & Wine)
Wednesday, 6 February 2019 – Members Competition – Betterball Stableford
Saturday, 9 February 2019 – Members Competition – Windhoek Lager International Pairs – Betterball Stableford
Sunday, 10 February 2019 – Valentine’s Mixed

Who won last week?

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

See the results here.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019
Wednesday Competition
Betterball Stableford

See the results here.

Friday, 1 February 2019
Sundowner Competition

1st – W. Basson – 20
2nd – S.Terblanche – 19
3rd – M Du Toit – 19

Saturday, 2 February 2019
Saturday Competition
Monthly Medal

See the results here.

A healthy way of growing up is always being able to try out new things. It’s the end of January, but let it be the beginning of your junior’s golf career!

Join us on the 31st of January 2019 for a free demo open day! All kids from 4 to 6 are welcome! The course will be presented by experienced sport skills trainor, Sanmari Smith.

Please contact Hannarie for more information on 082 990 7161.

Have you signed up yet?

Wednesday, 30 January 2019 – Members Competition – Betterball Stableford
Friday, 1 February 2019 – Sundowners Competition – Individual Stableford
Saturday, 2 February 2019 – Members Competition – Monthly Medal

Contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

What a great game!

Sundowner Competition
Friday, 25 January 2019
Betterball Stableford

1st – C Jordaan & C van Wyk – 25 points
2nd – J Taylor & O Oosthuizen – 22 points
3rd – M du Toit & A du Toit – 21 points

Individual Stableford
Saturday, 26 January 2019

Find the results here

Wednesday 23 January 2019 – Members Competition sponsored by Goedehoop Meat
Friday 25 January 2019 – Sundowner Competition – Betterball Stableford from 15:00
Saturday 26 January 2019 – Members Competition – Mercedes Benz Paarl sponsored Individual Stableford

Get your kid into golf

If you are looking for an extra-mural activity or sport for your children, golf is a great option because not only does it help to keep them fit and healthy, it gets them outdoors and it’s a great way to meet new friends and to practice their social skills. Our SNAG programme will teach your kids all the fundamentals of golf in an age-appropriate context, while they get to have fun.

Those interested, are more than welcome to attend our Open Day on the 31st of January 2019. Contact Hannarie on 082 990 7161 for more information.

Sundowner results

Last week’s Sundowner was a great success once again. Congratulations to our winners:

1. J Loxton – 21
2. SP Fortuin – 2

Who’s been winning at the club?

15 January 2019 – Betterball Stableford

Ladies Competition – Players: 39


1 Arina vd Vyfer and Helaine Strydom 45
2 Barbara Hughes and Bernice Boshoff 45
3 Maggie Minnie and Theresa Viviers 43
4 Sue Dawkins and Ronnie De Robillard 43

Two Clubs:
Chantel Defeys vis
Sue Dawkins
Yvette Theron
Linda Meyer

Nearest the pin 20th: Bernice Boshoff
Nearest the pin 14th: Ronnie De Robillard

16 January 2019 – Betterball Stableford

Wednesday Competition – Players: 80


1 Karl Feil and Johan Lourens 47
2 Andre Moller and Sam Kusgluoglu 46
3 Jan Hanekom and Estian Cronje 44
4 Fred Bowles and Mike Hope 44
5 Carel De Beer and Fred Bezuidenhout 44

Two Clubs
Ethan Smith x2 
Granville Adams
Carel De Beer 
Karl Feil
Johan Lourens

Apologies: Fred Bowles, Mike Hope and Sam Kusgluoglu

Nearest the pin 4th: Carel de Beer
Nearest the pin 23rd: Johan Lourens

A big thank you to our sponsor Nuun for helping Paarl Pro Shop make the event possible. Visit their website to find out more about their range of products and visit the shop to purchase some.

19 January 2019 – 4-Ball Alliance, 2 scores to count

Saturday Competition – Players: 178

Paarl Old Course

1 Riefaat Meier, Ravi Naidoo, Ziyaad Moerat and Riefaat Meier 90
2 Daniel Janse van Rensburg, Anwar Ebrahim, Zafer Sattar and Ridwaan Abrahams 89
3 Johhny Visser, H Groenewaldt, JP Neethling and Richard Pinard 84

Winelands Course
1 Choppie Vorster, Christiaan Van Schalkwyk, Kokie v.d Merwe and Charles Scott 91
2 Roelof Visser, Johan Visser, Rassie Visser and Andre Visser 89
3 Walter Warner, J. Du Plessis, K Mark and T Van Wyk 88

Boschenmeer Course
1 Eldred Julius, Joseph Williams, Linley Truter and Elton Williams (vis) 94
2 Jurie Kemp, Frans Van Dyk, Jurian Kitshof and Kobus Kitshof 85
3 Jacques Hamman, Franz Lohbauer, Hannes Louw and JL Swart 83

2 Clubs
Johan Visser, Andy Higgins, Rassie Visser, Buks Rossouw, Walter Warner, Leon Cronje, Ben Klindt, Wilem Stander, Graham Retief, Jurian Kitshof, JP Swanepoel, Jacques Hamman, Richard Pinard, Basson Hougaard, Jan Hanekom, D Rossouw, Karin Hanekom, J Rossouw, Linda Meyer, Christo Kilian, Kalla vd Heever, Jacques Anderson x2

Nearest the pin 7th . Ian Van Schalkwyk
Nearest the pin 14th . Richard Pinard
Nearest the pin 20th: Basson Hougaard

With the arrival of our new Sidewinder cutter we are in a position to cut a bigger green surrounds area at a consistent high for better shot-making around the greens. Over the next few weeks we will be growing some green surround areas out a bit more than what you are used to, to get consistent grass heights and cuts. Please bear with us – your scoring from around the greens should improve in future!

Our previous weed spray was a success and we are doing a follow-up spray per nine holes over three consecutive Mondays, starting 21 January. We will therefore only have two nines open on these Mondays.

Further fairway rehabilitation after the drought will be done in January with aerovating, sod planting and sprigging in some areas.

To assist speed of play and course protection (sandbags and divot repairs) our starters will give each fourball on competition days a full standardised speech. Your cooperation in this regard will be appreciated.

Welcome to our new staff!

A new face in registration – Lourens Oostuizen
Lourens matriculated at Paul Roos Gimnasium in 2014 and thereafter completed his PGA apprenticeship at Swingfit in 2018. He is currently studying marketing through the International Marketing School and is a keen golfer, playing off a 1.6 handicap index. A big welcome to Lourens and we hope he finds a happy home here at Paarl Golf Club.

Employee of the month – December 2018
Elnarie Lategan was awarded the employee of the month for December 2018. Elnarie was given specific targets and tasks by the financial manager which was measured over a 3 month period. Elnarie achieved the target and contributed more than what was expected in her normal line of work. She is a friendly and hardworking individual who is eager to learn and implement new tasks to the benefit of the Club, its members and fellow colleagues.

New staff at Wiesenhof
Introducing Chef Johné, don’t let his young looks deceive you, Chef Johné has worked in some of the most pristine restaurants in the valley and has some signature dishes to tickle your fancy.

Mark Simonse joins the Wiesenhof team as the new General Manager. Mark has been in the industry for 11 years and has recently joined us from Leeu Collection in Franschhoek.

AGM notice

Please note that we have decided to postpone the AGM by a few weeks to February. This will allow the Board to properly prepare, discuss and formulate resolutions that needs to be circulated to members prior to the AGM. Due to the December holidays, we run into this problem every year. A new date will be communicated asap.

From the Academy

We have a winner!

We recently ran a Srixon promotion whereby our customers who bought any dozen Srixon balls, received an automatic entry into a draw for R10 000 worth of goods in our Pro Shop.

The draw was done on 19 December and the lucky winner was Mr Jaco Pienaar, who received an early Christmas present.

We just want to thank all our customers who supported us and wish them better luck next time we run another promotion.

Watch this space…

Our junior golf is starting soon. All ages welcome! Keep an eye out for more information.

Friday, 11 January 2019 – Sundowner Competition from 15:00
Saturday, 12 January 2019 – Monthly Medal
Sunday, 13 January 2019 – Boland Golf Union Mid-Amateur Series
Wednesday, 16 January 2019 – Paarl Pro Shop sponsored Members Competition – Individual Stableford

Special promotion on competition day

Stay hydrated in the toughest conditions

We have organised an agent / supplier of NUUN to run a promotion for the players during Wednesday’s competition (16 January 2019).

FREE handouts will be provided to players. Come and receive your free sample and experience how this product can benefit you when playing in hot summer conditions.

Contact us for more information.

Who’s been winning at the club?

4 January 2019

1 – F Horn (19 points)
2 – S Lotz (17 points)
Saturday Competition
5 January 2019
Betterball Stableford, 112 players
Old Course
Name Number Score Prize           1



4 Karl Lutzeller  
Alex Lutzeller VIS
Gideon Steenkamp
Kobus Thesnaar
Christo Killian
Mari Killian
Ganief Daniels
Sam Kuslouglu  3797
0140  44



41  R 210

R 180

R 150

R 120   Winelands           Place Name   Number  Score  Prize 1

Riaan Ehlers
Werner Greeff
Guillaume Brink
Jan Lotter 1235 4144
538 48

43 R 140

R 100
Boschenmeer           Place Name Number Score   Prize

 Riefaat Meyer Zaffer Sattar
Riedwaan Abrahams
Daniel J Vans 71
4885 47

45 R 140

R 100
Two Clubs (R 40)         Name  # Name   #           Werner Greeff
Linky Malan 
Jannie van Breda  
Franz Lohbauer  
Anwar Ebrahim 
Graham Retief 
Wessel Strydom  4144
289 Izan Botes
Ganief Daniels
Donald Humphries
Dick knight


  Nearest the pin 7th: Keith Theunissen
Nearest the pin 17th: Werner Greeff

We are proud to announce that Saayman’s will start the PGC gardens maintenance contract from January 2019.

We hope that this is the beginning of a long term relationship and to add value to our golf course, players and most importantly our residents on the estate. This will fit in with the work that they are already doing for the Boschenmeer Home Owners Association in these areas. Servest are also in the process of appointing additional staff to concentrate on the on-course garden areas. We are confident that a noticeable difference will be apparent by March next year.

Click here to learn more about Saayman’s and what they do.

Our staff shines

We recently had our annual Staff Awards in order to give thanks to our hardworking employees and everything they do for us. Employer of the year was awarded to Coby Solomons, one of our cleaners, and joint second place was awarded to Junaid Ahmed (Financial Assistant) and Elnarie Lategan (Creditors and Registration Clerk). Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to PGC throughtout the year. We look forward to a successfull 2019!

All the winners are picture below with Heidi Strydom (Financial Manager).

Inside the ropes

Our Captain, Steph Lotz, and Arno Erasmus have been driving the upgrade of our stakes and ropes during the past few months. This is one of the special projects funded by the proceeds of last year’s Winelands event.

We’re going viral

Everyone will be happy to know that our internet service is now on fibre. Our PGCguest Wifi is now stable. Availability of our online booking system is also now vastly improved. We have also concluded an agreement with Golfscape and members can look forward to making and managing their golf bookings via a PGC app by April next year.

Watch this space

We have received numerous applications for the PGC Managing Director position and hope to make an appointment in January 2019.

AGM reminder

Reminder of our AGM on 29 January next year. Formal notice of this will be communicated in due course.

We have a winner

Jako Pienaar received an early Christmas present last night when his name was drawn as the lucky winner of our R10 000 Srixon Draw! Jako has already left for holidays, so we will do a proper handover once he’s back. Congratulations Jako, spend it wisely!

Happy holidays!

Festive season greetings to all and thanks for supporting your club the past year. All of the best for 2019 and happy golfing!